Linux Desktop and Server Tips

Gutenberg and Elementor

Today we got an update to WordPress 4.9.8 along with a promotional widget to try out the new Gutenberg editor interface and so this is just that, my first post using the Gutenberg interface. So far so good and as much as

Cloudflare and DNSSEC

This website is now on Cloudflare as of 2018-08-02 so we will get some idea of any performance gains and whether there are any limitations compared to using a single origin web server. The free plan does not offer any local (to

Creating a lightweight Ubuntu Zesty server

When installing or upgrading to a lightweight zesty (17.04) ubuntu server I use this /etc/apt/sources.list example below which I manage via the edpkg alias from the NetServa SH (shell scripts) Githb repo. Note: this still applies to the later artful and bionic

How to set up Spamprobe via Sieve scripts

This is a brief outline of how to take advantage of using only Sieve scripts to manage spam via Spamprobe and Dovecot IMAP services on a Ubuntu Zesty 17.04 server. In my case I use separate UID:GIDs for each virtual domain (but