Linux Desktop and Server Tips

Gutenberg and Elementor

Today we got an update to WordPress 4.9.8 along with a promotional widget to try out the new Gutenberg editor interface and so this is just that, my first post using the Gutenberg interface. So far so good and as much as

Cloudflare and DNSSEC

This website is now on Cloudflare as of 2018-08-02 so we will get some idea of any performance gains and whether there are any limitations compared to using a single origin web server. The free plan does not offer any local (to

Kubuntu Cosmic & Kubuntu-CI/stable

I’ve been using the Kubuntu-CI/stable repositories for about a year now and I’ve had no more problems or niggles than using a regular stable LTS (Long Term Support) system such as Kubuntu Bionic 18.04. Occasionally, after an update, there might be a

Remuxing the Kube Fosdem video

Christian Mollekopf did a great presentation about the Kube mail program back in early February 2017 at the Fosdem conference in Brussels. Unfortunately the audio was seriously flawed and really hard for me to listen to. The stereo audio track had the

Bionic plus Kubuntu-CI/unstable

This is just a temporary hiccup towards the end of November 2017 but for the last week, I have not been willing to reboot because the kwin-x11 packages in Kubuntu-CI/stable were in an inconsistent state. Trying to update or reinstall this package

Using NetworkManager to manage a bridge

I like to create a lxdbr0 bridge on my laptop so I can easily deploy LXD containers and, as I treat my laptop like a workstation, I hardly ever move it so I can use an ethernet connection instead of wifi for

Ubuntu Bionic plus Kubuntu-CI

It’s been two weeks since I updated my stock Ubuntu install from artful (17.10) to bionic (alpha 18.04) and so far there have not been any serious problems. I think kded (a startup daemon) was failing a few days ago and my

Adding Plasma Desktop to Ubuntu 17.10

I would like to use the Neon Plasma packages but they are stuck with an old 16.04 xenial foundation which may be stable but the surrounding OS is far too stale for my liking. I will gladly swap so-called stability for the

Adding KDE Neon to Ubuntu Zesty Desktop

If you have to do a fresh install and want to start from the standard Ubuntu Desktop (using Unity on zesty) as a base and then add KDE Neon (user, dev/stable or dev/unstable) then this hint may help. Assuming you have a